What documents are required to complete the purchase of real estate in Spain?

✓ Valid passport

✓ The legal situation in the country (a valid visa)

✓ The identification number of the foreigner (N.I.E.)

What documents are required for registration of a mortgage loan for a non-resident?

✓ Passport with valid visa

✓ Confirmation of solvency: Help shape 2NDFL (last year) and a certificate of employment on the company letterhead stating salary and position, with the seal and signatures of the CEO and the chief accountant

✓ Foreigner Identification Number (N.I.E.)

✓ A copy of the preliminary contract the seller

Does Spain Schengen visa to foreigners owning real estate in Spain?

Yes, Spain provides a Schengen visa to foreigners and their immediate families, owning real estate. Issued multiple Schengen visa and the ability to stay in the country up to 180 days throughout the year.

What is the procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Spain for foreign retirees?

Retired foreigners, including with Russian citizenship who have reached retirement age, own property and guaranteed by the government or any company income of more than 12,000 euros a year are entitled to receive a residence permit in Spain. At the time of obtaining a residence permit, they should already reside in the country for more than 181 days a year, or more than three months every half year.

What is NIE alien identification number and what is it for?

The identification number of the foreigner (NIE) is required to all foreigners who have planned for the future official status in the country. This is used for the acquisition of a residential property on credit, the company was founded, the banal purchase of the machine. In connection with the new requirements of a foreigner can obtain only if the NIE is a monthly visa. To obtain the NIE, foreigners need a copy of a passport with a tourist visa at least a month. Should the identification number no more than 150 euros.

What business can do to a foreign citizen, who had come to Spain to relocate?

Business in Spain is various. A foreigner who has arrived for permanent residence, can do tourism, export of wine, the famous olive oil, fruits, natural juices, furniture, building materials, plumbing, and more. Many foreigners who came from the CIS, are engaged in restaurants, cafeterias, bars, confectionery and even hotels. Any commercial properties (restaurants, bars, shops, hotels), you can buy as well as rent. The cost of renting is mainly ranges from 500 to 1,000 euros per month, utilities in this amount are not included.

What level of taxes in Spain?

With the acquisition of immovable property tax is 10% of the purchase price, hence the 8% – VAT and 2% will go to the notary and lawyer. Annual property tax is 0.2% of the appraised value, it has to be paid every year. Municipal tax is negotiated each year between the owner of immovable property and the municipality. This includes tax such as the municipal services – cleaning, garbage collection, road maintenance, additional communication technologies, improvement of the proper territory. By all rights, this tax does not exceed one per cent per year of property value.

How is the payment of taxes paid and various utility bills?

To pay the tax and utility bills, you do not have to come into the country. All you need is to sign a contract with the company that supplies your electricity, gas, water, and then all payments for services provided will be deducted from your account automatically in Spain.

The buyer of the property will pay property taxes next year, the current year, after the transaction, according to the law the tax paid by the Seller. In your e-mail in Spain it will be delivered a notice about the payment, which you should enter the account for automatic withdrawal amount, or just pay at any bank in Spain.

Can I sell the house, if it is already enrolled credit?

Yes it is possible. Availability of credit does not affect the sale of the house. At the signing of the deed at the notary, the bank, in which the number of the loan, will receive the full amount of the loan, and the cost of closing a legal loan will pay the sellers. You can buy real estate with a loan and re-register on the new owner, then the owner of the amount of costs significantly reduced compared to a conventional design. Re-issuance of the loan is much cheaper than its original design.

How to pass purchased in Spain properties for rent and which will benefit from this?

Many owners of real estate lease real estate and live comfortably. They do not even need to have a job in Spain. For example by renting a studio apartment in Spain can be obtained from 200 to 1400 euros per week and renting a small villa on the beach to 40 thousand euros per month. Importantly do not forget to pay taxes in the country for the lease of real property, and then you will have no problems. With our company you will receive assistance of qualified specialists in the rental of your property and its management.


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